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Fighting Sexual Harassment Campaign /BENIN

Given the alarming rise of sexual harassment in Benin, AOEE has decided to take action by launching its first awareness campaign in Cotonou, the country’s largest city. The objective of this campaign is to condemn this pervasive issue affecting all layers of society in Benin, but particularly prevalent in professional, educational, and student environments.

As a result, the following actions were undertaken during the month of [month]:

  • Erecting billboards at strategic locations in Cotonou and Calavi.
  • Distributing informational pamphlets in schools and professional settings.
  • Publishing awareness messages on social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.

AOEE’s initiative is a response to the growing concern surrounding sexual harassment, with the aim of raising awareness and encouraging action. This campaign seeks to shed light on the issue and promote dialogue, particularly in workplaces, schools, and universities, and ultimately contribute to creating a safer and more respectful environment for all in Benin.

Project: Planet Viewing Station at “Institut de Mathematiques et Sciences Physiques (IMSP) in Dangbo, Benin

The « Planet Viewing Station » project at IMSP in Dangbo has a clear goal: to promote science and technology by fostering interest in Space Science among the general public and students. The initiative involves providing telescopes to enable a more comprehensive observation of celestial bodies, including the moon and planets such as Saturn with its distinctive rings. This project seeks to inspire curiosity, encourage scientific exploration, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the cosmos.

The initial pilot phase, carried out in collaboration with the ANAI Center of Dr. Jules Degila during the summer of 2021, has been successfully concluded. The telescope was delivered, and the early impressions have been positive. This is evident from the feedback and appreciation letter received from the Director, Carlos Ogouyandjou, to AOEE. Such positive responses underscore the success of the pilot phase and highlight the potential impact of the « Planet Viewing Station » project in advancing science and technology awareness within the local community.

Financial Assistance to “Le Cerveau” / Glazoue

In November 2018, Dr. Gbeton Somasse, an active member of AOEE, participated in the Philadelphia Marathon as a fundraising event, generating a total of $1000. This fund was generously donated to « Le Cerveau, » a bilingual training center situated in the municipality of Glazoue, Republic of Benin. Mr. Théodore VIGNO, Director of « Le Cerveau, » expressed that the $1000 donation from AOEE substantially addressed several urgent needs of the center:

  • Covering training costs for orphaned students for the academic year 2019 – 2020.
  • Procuring books and necessary training materials for students.
  • Creating custom promotional T-shirts featuring the « Le Cerveau » logo.
  • Establishing an online presence by acquiring a domain name and developing the official website:

This donation epitomizes AOEE’s unwavering commitment to supporting organizations involved in education and development, particularly in remote villages across Benin. The contribution made by AOEE demonstrates its dedication to improving access to education and fostering development within underserved areas.

Scholars Kits Donation /Karimama

Rural communities in Benin face significant obstacles in accessing basic education due to limited resources. Many families find it challenging to cover their children’s school fees, provide meals, and afford essential girls’ hygiene products while they attend school. These financial constraints result in low attendance rates in these areas. Additionally, weather-related events, such as flooding, frequently disrupt school attendance, leading to underachievement among students. In response to these pressing challenges, AOEE initiated an assistance mission in 2018 to make a difference. We identified the three most underperforming schools in Benin: Loumbou-loumbou, TORIOH, Goungounbéri, Mamassy-Gourma. AOEE provided them with school kits, sanitary products for girls, as well as recreational and sports equipment. This generous initiative was repeated until all the schools achieved significant improvements in their academic records by 2021. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing educational opportunities in rural communities has had a positive impact, empowering students to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. We remain dedicated to working towards a brighter future for the children and youth of Benin.